Taxes related to business activities, such as value-added taxes (VAT), employment charges, preliminary taxes, must be recorded by companies. Therefore are those conducting businesses required to report their business activities as figures to tax authority once a year which is partly done through income declarations. Companies that sell goods or services in Sweden are required to charge value-added taxes (VAT) to the cost of their customer’s purchases, such is called outgoing taxes. However, this is not a cost to business owners, but tax charge based on customer-purchase and is thus paid to the state through declarations.

Accordingly, when goods or services are purchased by companies, VAT is also paid, such is called input taxes. When value-added taxes are calculated, the difference between outgoing and input taxes will be paid to or given back by the Tax authority. MESUN help with these and ensures that everything is correctly fill-in before submission, either electronically or by post to the tax authority. If they need to be approved by customers, then it is sent-in after the approval. It is also okay with us that customers approve, sign and submit afterward.

As an entrepreneur, you do not have to keep track of all dates. However, if for instance you choose to take responsibility for your business accounting and you are unable to declare before the deadline, we can help you to request for extension of submission date.
Among others, below is a list of common tax declarations or charges MESUN can help with.

* Value-added tax calculation
* Employment charges
* Preliminary tax
* VAT declaration
* Reconciliation of tax account
* Income declaration
* Employee declaration at the individual level