Accounting is the registration of business events and business events impact business financial statement and performance. We help companies with current accounting. This means that we at MESUN can take care of what is happening in your business continuously during the year. In other words, we help small, medium and large companies with efficient accounting processes. With our flexible accounting services, you can choose which part of your company’s financial administration you want to subcontract.

Bookkeeping and accounting have almost the same meaning. However, bookkeeping is used partly as an overall concept, and partly to describe the actual craftsmanship. And accounting is also used as an overall concept, but can sometimes refer to the end products, for example, annual reports and other reports.

MESUN can take care of your supplier’s invoices and post them in either ours or your accounting system. When it is time for payment, we make sure that they are paid and that the payment is posted in the system. Our offers are focused on business types, such as limited liability companies, partnership company, sole proprietorship, etc. Read more

Our accounting services or packages are different depending on how large your company is today. Accordingly, our accounting services include:

Current accounting
Taxes and declarations
Wage administration
Account Receivables
Account Payables
Payment reminders
Reconciliation reports.

Are you looking for affordable and easy help with Accounting? Services from 340sek/h, contact us.