MESUN give advice in different ways depending on need-specification(s). Do you already have a business, want to start a business or need help with declaration? We are available to help—answer your questions or explain which process is best applicable. We offer advice that includes; finance, accounting/ bookkeeping, taxes, VAT, salaries, declarations, income, etc. You will receive dedicated support with answers within 24 hours.

The list below is common questions that are usually asked.


How should your logo look? Contact Us!

How do I write a business plan? Contact Us!

Can I afford to invest or expand? Contact Us!

Who is liable for accounting? Contact Us!

What do I need to know about financial analysis? Contact Us!

Should I lease or buy a car on installment?  Contact Us!

When and how often should I bill? Contact Us!

Which laws apply to if I want to own a company? Contact Us!

Can you help to write an agreement? Contact Us!

What collective agreement should my company have? Contact Us!

Which salary should I have as a business owner? Contact Us!

How much tax do I have to pay? Contact Us!

What kind of insurance should I have? Contact Us!

Want help with financial analyzes? Contact Us!

Do you need answers on how to pay and contract issues? Contact Us!

How does my business look financially? Contact Us!

What should I do with my business profit? Contact Us!

What key figures are important to follow in my business financial report? Contact Us!

How do I know the value of my assets? Contact Us!

Which representation rules apply? Contact Us!

Declarations and tax questions? Contact Us!

How does my business look financially? Contact Us!

Do I have a profit? Contact Us!

Do you want to analyze your business from an economic perspective? Contact Us!

How will your liquidity increase? Contact Us!

How will I calculate travel expenses deductions? Contact Us!

How should I calculate mileage? Contact Us!

If you have other specific questions that are not on the list? Please contact us