General information.

The information below is a simple explanation of what happens to personal data when our website is visited. Thus, this Information/content of our privacy policy is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The EU’s new data protection regulation General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, which entered into force on May 25, 2018, entails, among other things, tougher demands on the handling of personal data. Today, higher demands are placed on routines and processes for the safe management of registers and requirements for responsible management level. For more in-depth information about GDPR, refer to the websites that are linked below.

Personal data is a piece of information that can be used to identify a person. MESUN maintains the highest possible standard regarding protection of user’s data. Our privacy- policy explains what information we collect, what we use it for, how and for what reasons they are collected, thus, every data usage attempt is in accordance with processing of personal data accordingly.


Who we are
MESUN is the controller in accordance with the provision of this privacy policy. We render services to both private person and business owners. In other words  MESUN is responsible for data processing, who decide on the purpose and means of processing personal data collected from this site which could be names, mobile contact, email etc. If you have questions concerning data protection kindly contact MESUN by filling in the contact form on this site or the contact information below.


When and how we collect your data
Data are collected when users of our site provide it to us through our contact forms, mobile communication, etc. Thus, data are collected according to the desire of our site users. In most cases they use the service to connect with us, adding personal data about themselves and explain or indicate what they want us to do for them.

However, as our business grow, we might need to collect or source data from social medias like Facebook, LinkedIn etc. to reach out and meet the need of prospective customers.

The reason we collect your data
Data collected on this site are used to respond to what users need help with and thus, get feedback according to their inquiries. More so, the reason for data collection and processing is to render our services according to the specifications of users, also to enhance sustainable relationship with customers.
Every perspective of data usage, is to be able to provide users with best-possible service according to agreement.

Who we share your data with
MESUN has no right to share your data with third party. But know that data transmission via the Internet, which can be e-mail or other cloud-based activities, could be controlled beyond the limits of the MESUN protection guarantee, which can therefore be subject to security breaches without your permission. However, in accordance with this policy, your information will be used only for the purpose for which it was given and will not be given for any other purpose without your prior consent.

Where we send your data
Your data are used and process only by MESUN. And that will be according to what you need MESUN services for.

Your contact information
Usually, we receive contact information when our web visitors fill in the contact form on this site, also via mobile communication, recommendations, etc. This information, according to GDPR, will not be released or shared without the consent of the contact owner.

How we protect your data.
Every data collected through this site or by MESUN is treated confidentially and in accordance with the statutory data protection regulations and our privacy policies. When our web site is navigated, and contact forms are filled for specific or different reasons, then, your personal data will be collected and used only for the purpose for which it was given. Now we don’t do any technical checks on IP address, so on and so forth, but if we notice any irregularities in the site then we can decide to embark on that.

It is also important to know that data transmitted via the internet (e.g. via email communication) may be subject to data vulnerability, therefore, it is not possible to protect your data above the tenacity of MESUN (MESUN is not liable to any infringement of data outside MESUN policy protection control). So Complete protection of your data from third-party access is/may not possible. But we are very sure not to give out your data information without your consent.

What rights you have concerning your data
Users of our site have right to request information about their stored data without charges. This they can do by writing or use the contact form in the site. They can contact us at any time with information given on the contact address of this site if they have questions about the issues of privacy and data protection. Users have the right to request for their data which we process based on their consent.
Also, they have the right to demand for correction of their data, that they can request with a written notification.

For how long we keep your data.
If the user of our site, has his or her data in our care and do not object, in writing, to the removal or processing of their personal data, the data will be stored and processed by us as long as we deem it necessary, according to the agreement or information given by the user.

According to Article 30 of the General Data Protection Regulation, your data are retained as long as you did not make a demand for removal of your data from our system or care.

What third parties we receive data from
We don’t receive any data from anywhere else apart from the ones given to us by the data owner, which can be through our website, through mobile contact, physical interactions, etc.

As you may need to know third party means a legal person, public authority, agency or body other than the data subject, controller, processor and persons who under the direct authority of the controller or processor, are authorized to process personal data.

Contact form
Should our web visitor send us questions via the contact form, we will collect the data entered on the form, including the contact details they provide, to answer their question and any follow-up questions or service rendering engagement. We do not share this information without user’s permission but process the data with utmost care and concerns.

We will, therefore, process any data users give to us through the contact form only with their consent according to Art. 6 (1)(a) GDPR. You may revoke your consent at any time. An informal email making this request is enough. The data processed before we receive your request may still be legally processed.

Though, transfer of information over the internet and mobile networks can be risky, therefore are all transfers made at the risk of the user who is transferring data. Therefore, are users also responsible to ensure that their data are protected by keeping it secret at every moment.
We will retain the data you provide on the contact form until you request its deletion, revoke your consent for its storage, or the purpose for its storage no longer request storage-necessity (e.g. after fulfilling your request). Any mandatory statutory provisions, especially those regarding mandatory data retention periods, remain unaffected by this provision.

MESUN have the right to make additional changes to this Privacy Policy. Thus, if there is need to change or add to our policy then the latest version of our privacy policy will always be available through this service. A new version is considered communicated to the Users when the User uses the site.

Users/Visitors of this website cannot download and extract any location data from images or statement on this website. But can navigate/browse the site and make use of the site information as indicated on the site.

Further information
More questions, further information about how we handle user’s personal data, or for other matters, please email;

Below are site, users can browse to get more information about GDPR.