At MESUN, wages and salaries are part of the economic processes we render to our customers. We can become a safe partner who manages wages and salaries in a more efficient and modern level. We can handle the whole process and your responsibility is to submit the salary basic data either via e-mail, a program or on paper, afterward are wages or salary paid accordingly. The system generates control information, salaries specifications, regulated holiday liabilities, and updated reports will be emailed. When the salaries are approved if necessary, we then send out the salary specifications to employees, place them for payment and submit employer declarations at the individual level at the tax office. If we take care of your accounting, total wage cost will automatically be recorded in our accounting system immediately. We always follow your company’s needs, thus build our delivery accordingly.

Report Employer Statement at Individual Level

We can help to report an employer’s declaration at the individual level according to the tax office new rule from January 2019. This rule applies to all employers and implies that all employers must report salary payments and tax deductions separately for each employee each month. Thus, every month becomes a conclusion in itself. You can hand this over to MESUN and we always make sure everything is done in the best way.

Furthermore, our wages and salary management services: includes the following;
Employment charges, Employer’s declarations, Payments, Holiday benefit, sick wage data control, etc. We can also register new employees in the system and can help you with employment contracts if needed.